Office of Property Management and Security


Tel: +84-4-3858 1421

Head:  Mr. Vo The Dai, email:

Deputy Head: Mr. Nguyen Huu Tram, email:


1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in the property management and security.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Property Management

- Managing the whole infrastructure including land, gardens, trees, fences, roads and drainage systems.

- Managing the workshop, laboratories, lecture rooms, houses and land given the staffs.

- Conducting regular maintenance: renovation, fixing, upgrading…

- Managing and operating the facilities in lecture rooms and waiting rooms for lecturers.

- Being responsible for electricity system, fire safety and flood control.

- Maintaining the elevators, air-conditioners, water pumps…

- Proposing the plans for order of new facilities and discarding of old items.

- To organize the planting and care of gardens and greenery.

- Implementing and ensure environmental hygiene in workplaces and places of learning.

- Organizing and managing services related to the use of grounds, the facilities of the University such as parking, cleaning the environment, locating ATMs, ...

- Leading the implementation of the lease amphitheater and playgrounds to serve teaching and learning of pupils and students.

- Managing collective residences of staff and students.

2.2. Security

- Proposing the solutions for safety and security control on campus.

- Dealing with protection of human life and assets on campus.

- Protecting the vehicles of the staff, students and visitors.

- Organizing procurement of equipment and protective clothing to equip guard duty.

2.3. Coordinating with other units

- Coordinate with the departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Collaborate with other units performing other duties assigned by the Rector.