Office of Planning-Finance


Tel: +84-4-3858 3064

Head:  MBA. Nguyen To Uyen, email:

Deputy Head:  MSc. Le Thi Van, email:


1. Functions

Counseling and assisting the Rector in the financial planning and management.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Financial planning

- Proposing and defending the long-term, mid-term, short-term and irregular financial planning.

- Proposing yearly pay as well as balancing expenditures and allocation of the expenditures to the units.

- Guiding estimation and managing implementation funding estimates approved for the units.

- Proposing the policies, criteria, standards and mechanisms to mobilize and allocate the expenditures.

2.2. Financial accounting

- Checking and instructing the units and individuals to conduct the paying and settlement of the expenditures.

- Collecting tuition and other fees.

- Evaluating and implementing the regular and irregular expenditures.

- Assisting in checking the financial accounting in the dependent units.

- Providing the quarterly and yearly financial reports.

- Developing, managing and implementing income and expenditure of funds under the regulation agencies.

- Developing handover procedures and reception facilities, financial establishment, merger, dissolution or separation of the units.

- Guiding and checking financial operations at the unit directly under the University.

- Organizing the accounting and ledger system, as well as preservation and archiving of documents and accounting records as prescribed.

- Preparing quarterly financial statements, in accordance with provisions or upon request.

- Preparing financial statements in Conference annually officials and employees of the School

- Performing tasks related to appraisal, inspection, auditing financial statements.

- Building internal financial regulations of the University.

2.3. Coordinating with other units

- Coordinate with the Property Management and Security Department in procurement and testing of office equipment; in the frequent repair and renovation of facilities, space rental and related services to use the school premises.

- Coordinate with Science – Technology Department in the procurement and acceptance of scientific equipment; monitor progress of disbursement with the scientific research levels and contract scientific cooperation with external and international agencies.

- Coordinate with the Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department to implement the payment of teaching for staff and paid general official taught funds for units in VNU.

- Coordinate with the departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Collaborate with other units performing other duties assigned by the Rector.