Office of Political-Students Affairs


Tel: +84-4-3558 1226

Head:  Dr. Nguyen Thanh Binh, email: 

Deputy Head: Dr. Pham Dinh Tung, email:


1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in political affairs, PR, student service and developing application of IT.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Political affairs

- Instructing, examining and monitoring the implementation of regulation on political affairs in the university.

- Organizing the study of Resolution of Communist Party for staff and students.

- Proposing the regular plans on political education for students.

- Implementing the protection of internal politics among students. Verifying and resolving issues related to students.

- Being aware of the evolution of ideas, thoughts and desires of the students studying in the University.

2.2. Promoting the university’s PR and developing IT

- Preparing figures, photos, hoardings, posters, slogans and banners for ceremonies. Being the contacting unit with reporter, communication media.

- Promoting the university’s image in society.

- Administrating the website and being responsible for the application of IT in management and operation of the university.

- Writing articles for the website in Vietnamese and English.

- Maintaining the relationship between alumni and the university.

- Supporting and orienting for the activities of the Youth and Student Union University.

- Organizing the management and development of the traditional room; storing gifts, mementos, souvenirs, pictures, documents, films, videotapes, medals of University; managing of the T1 lobby.

- Organizing and managing tradition hall of the university.

2.3. Student service

- Receiving and managing the students including high school, undergraduate and post-graduate.

- Organizing the activities in the beginning of the academic year.

- Organizing the health check and managing health profiles for the students.

- Dealing with rewards and punishment work for the students.

- Dealing with insurance, scholarship, tuition fee, living cost, academic records, study withdrawal and leaves of absence of the students.

- Organizing opening and closing ceremonies for academic year.

- Responsible for the implementation of military service among students. Recording moved reports for military service at the request of students.

- Issuing guidelines assess the training for students. Organizations reviews, comments and a score of student discipline.

- Completing and returning the personal file of the graduates. Doing work allocation procedures for graduates when required.

- In charge of student Olympiad.

- Implementation of the following regimes for students: scholarships, tuition fees, living costs, absence, withdrawal, transfer and bank loan procedures for learning.

- Establishing procedures on life and health insurance policies for pupils, students and post-graduate students.

- Organizing sponsored scholarship students.

- Proposing regulations on the collection, exemption or reduction of tuition fees for students.

2.4. Consultancy and job orientation for students

- Organizing soft skill training for the students.

- Consulting, organizing career fairs and providing job orientation for the students.

- Conducting survey about jobs of alumni and be responsible for contacting alumni.

- Building and developing alumni and employer networks.

2.5. Coordinating with other units

- Collaborate with the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Department and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department in both managing pupils and students as well as implementing policies for pupils, students and postgraduate students.

- Coordinate with Planning – Finance Department in implementing regulations and policies regarding fees and scholarships for pupils, students and postgraduate students.

- Coordinate with the functional departments and units in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.