Office of Organization-Personnel


Tel: +84-4-3558 4914

Head:  Assoc. Prof. Dr. Do Minh Duc email:

Deputy Head: MSc. Nguyen Thanh Xuan, email:


1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in organization-personnel at university level.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Organization

- Proposing development plans, completing organizational structure relevant to the strategy and orientation towards an advanced research-based university.

- Drawing regulations on organization and activity of the university and dependent units.

- Implementing projects for founding, splitting, merging and deleting the units.

- Instructing and monitoring the execution of organization and personnel policies in the university.

2.2. Human resource policies

- Proposing strategies and plans for human resource development consistent with the goal of being advanced research-based university.

- Setting up criteria for human resource at university level.

- Setting up regulations on job obligations.

- Proposing recruitment plans. Offering exceptional selection for lectureships and research fellowships following the rules of the university.

- Developing policies to attract outstanding researchers and managers to work at the university for both long- and short-term appointments.

- Developing policies and plans for training and retraining for staff. Planning and implementation of training for staff training at home and abroad.

- To organize the evaluation and contracting procedures visiting officials, concurrently.

2.3. Personnel

- Administering staff responsibilities and benefits.

- Dealing with salary policies.

- Dealing with insurance policies.

- Managing staff records. Updating staff information on staff portal.

- Handling procedures for staff retirement according to the policies.

- Offering professorships and associate professorships. Organizing rank promotion, rank appointment, rank transfer for staff.

- Dealing with procedures for staff that are going to study or work abroad and receiving returning staff.

- Carrying out annual reward and punishment work, voting emulation titles: emulation fighters, Labor Heroes, Elite Teacher, and People’s Teacher.

- Preparing the academic year report of the university.

- Implementation of the protection of the internal political and military activities locally.

- Guide and organize the work of emulation and staff's discipline.

2.4. Managerial Personnel

- Dealing with documents on appointment, reappointment, rotation and dismissal of managerial personnel under the authority of the Rector.

- Implementing the procedures on appointment, reappointment, rotation and dismissal of managerial personnel under the authority of the Rector.

- Proposing to and consulting with the Rector the planning of potential managerial personnel.

- Directing and organizing the work of the appointment, reappointment, transfer, rotation, resignation and dismissal of civil servant management leadership within the authority of the Rector.

- Directing and organizing the evaluation of leading cadres and management under the guidance of VNU.

- Assisting Party Committee in steering organization and personnel.

2.5. Coordinating with other units

- Collaborate with the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Department and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department in the building development plans for human resources training.

- Collaborate with the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Department, Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department and Planning- Finance Department work in fostering payment instruction and the increased income.

- To coordinate with departments in the mobilization of financial resources to serve the training, retraining and development of human resources.

- Coordinate with the functional departments and units in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Cooperating with other offices and functional units to carry out the tasks assigned by the Rector.