Office of Science and Technology


Tel: +84-4-3858 5277

Head:  Assoc. Prof. Tran Quoc Binh, email:

Deputy Head: Dr. Dinh Nho Thai, email:


1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in science and technology duties and management research instruments and facilities.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Science and technology duties

- Developing managerial document for science and technology duties of the university.

- Proposing regulations and monitoring the execution of ethic codes in scientific research.

- Proposing regulations on foundation and management of key research groups of the university.

- Setting up programs, projects and plans for science and technology development at university level.

- Drawing action plans and expenditure for regular science and technology duties.

- Monitoring and assisting the execution of research projects and intergovernmental protocols.

- Managing student's scientific research.

- Managing intellectual property.

- Participating in workshops and exhibitions on science and technology.

- Assessing the projects’ results according to regulations.

2.2. Managing instruments and facilities

- Assessing and managing instrument

- Equipping projects for training and scientific research.

- Purchasing consumables and chemicals, managing and carrying out maintenance procedures for scientific instruments.

- Evaluating the effectiveness of scientific instruments in functional units.

- Checking and discarding scientific instruments.

2.3. Managing laboratories and centers

- Monitoring the activities of laboratories under the university.

- Assisting in drawing regulations for laboratories, centers. Monitoring the execution of the regulations.

- Proposing documents and guidelines for labor safety in science and technology.

2.4. Coordinating with other units

- Coordinate with Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Postgraduate Academic Affairs Department to conduct scientific research integrated with education.

- Coordinate with Planning – Financial Department to appraise organization projects enhancing equipment, organize the procurement of equipment.

- Coordinate with Administration and International Relations in the development of international cooperation in science and technology; organizing and managing conferences and seminars International Scientific.

- Coordinate with company Ltd. Natural Sciences in introducing, promoting, signing and transferring the results of science and technology to the market.

- Coordinate with the departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Collaborate with other units performing other duties assigned by the Rector.