Office of Postgraduate Academic Affairs


Tel: +84-4-3858 2542

Head:  Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Huu Nhan, email:

Deputy Head: Dr. Ngo Lan Phuong

Deputy Head: Assoc. Prof. Tran Thi Hong

1. Functions

Consulting and assisting the Rector in the management and organization of post-graduate training.

2. Responsibilities

2.1. Management of post-graduate training

- Proposing development plans for organization and management of post-graduate training relevant to the strategy and orientation towards an advanced research-based university.

- Making regulations, rules and guidelines on post-graduate admission and training. Monitoring the regulation implementation.

- Developing and implementing training plans, postgraduate fostering long-term, medium-term, annual and semester.

- Setting up teaching plans, timetables and examination schedules. Organizing general courses, such as Foreign Languages and Philosophy, for post-graduate students.

- Managing database on post-graduate training and providing report if requested.

- Instructing and organizing Master and PhD thesis defense procedures.

- Issuing and managing official transcripts and graduation degrees.

- Applying information technology in managing teaching, learning, examination and quality assessment.

- Proposing and implementing projects to develop infrastructures and facilities for teaching.

- Proposing and implementing projects to train high-class manpower for Government and Ministry of Education and Training.

- Organizing conference and workshop on post-graduate training.

2.2. Developing post-graduate curriculum

- Proposing and implementing solutions for improvement of quality and efficiency of training programs.

- Organizing the current training program; construction of a new training program approved by the VNU.

- Revising current curricula and developing new curricula.

- Proposing plans and executing the publishing of textbooks, reference books and learning materials.

- Updating and delivering information on post-graduate training on website.

- Developing and implementing projects to improve school materials for postgraduate education.

2.3. Coordinating with other units

- Coordinate with the Political and Students Affairs Department to perform tasks related to the policies and management of post-graduate students.

- Coordinate with the Department of Organization and Personnel to build plan and develop strategies of human resources for the work of postgraduate education and evaluating dossiers of currently teaching staff and guest lecturers.

- Coordinate with International Relations and Administration Department to implement cooperation with postgraduate education abroad.

- Coordinate with Planning – Financial Department to make plans and budget allocation of annual funding for the postgraduate education.

- Coordinate with the Property Management and Security Department of the scheduling using the auditorium, construction projects and expansion of enhanced teaching facilities.

- Coordinate with the departments and agencies in implementing the tasks assigned by the Rector in charge.

- Collaborate with other units performing other duties assigned by the Rector.