• Tuesday - 05/03/2019

    On February 27th 2019, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) met with delegates from Russian Federation Universities, including: the National University of Construction, Moscow, MISIS National Research Technology University, Tomsk Polytechnic University, Ivanovo National University of Energy and Moscow Aviation University. VNU-HUS was represented by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi, Rector, as well as leaders of the International Relations Office, the Undergraduate Academic Affairs Office and the Political - Student Affairs Office.

    Overview of the meeting

    The long-term education project "Universities of Russia" in Vietnam was implemented by the Russian Center for Science and Culture in 2014. Delegations from leading universities in the Russian Federation continue to visit and work with Vietnamese universities to strengthen cooperation between universities of the Russian Federation and Vietnam. Between 2013 and 2020, the Russian Federation has supported Vietnam with a number of cooperative activities, including training about 1,000 university and postgraduate students in Russia in various fields, including biotechnology, new materials technology, space technology, energy technology, medicine, marine science research and ship design.

    At the meeting the delegation sought opportunities for further cooperation in training and scientific research. The proposed activities discussed include student and lecturer exchanges,   exchanges of experiences in research and teaching, teaching materials and teaching facilities.

    Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi speaks at the meeting

    Speaking at the meeting, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi thanked the former Soviet Union for its help and support in the past and the Russian Federation for the current support for education and training development in Vietnam,  specifically the support for the University of Science.

    Many Russian trained professors have been working at VNU-HUS, making contributions to the development of the University. Ongoing cooperation was assured by the Rector of VNU-HUS  when he said that "Hopefully, this meeting and exploration of opportunities will lead to further cooperation programs between VNU-HUS and Russian Federation universities. A cooperation agreement will soon be signed, initiating specific cooperation directions for the future,”