• Thursday - 18/01/2018

    On 17/01/2018, Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Noi, Rector of the VNU University of Science had a farewell meeting to four international students who had just completed one semester course at the University.

    Three students from Myanmar attended the EU Share Program: KHIN MUMU THIN (Faculty of Biology), HTET NADI KO and HTAN EIN NYAUNG (Faculty of Chemistry). JOEL MIKAEL SIHVONEN, student from Finland, is self-funded at the Faculty of Science Environmental, VNU University of Science.

    At the meeting, international students expressed their gratitude to the leaders and teachers of the University for their good work and good deeds. The Rector of the University and the representatives of the International Relations Office also listened to the sharing of difficulties and obstacles while studying away from home.

    In order to continuously improve the training effectiveness of the University, international students said that the University should continue to focus on connecting international students with each other and with Vietnamese students through the culture exchange activities and orientation week for foreign students.

    Looking for information and choosing the VNU University of Science as the destination for 5 months of study and research, JOEL MIKAEL SIHVONEN appreciated the training programs and support staff of the University. JOEL MIKAEL SIHVONEN said that "the University should provide more information online so that foreign students can easily access and register the course."

    On behalf of Broad of Rector, Assoc Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi congratulated the results achieved by international students during 5 months of study and research at the VNU University of Science. Rector believes that the knowledge they have learned, the skills and experience they have experienced in Vietnam will help the future work and career of the students. "The University always welcomes students come back to Vietnam and the VNU University of Science to further study at higher level", Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi confirmed.