• Tuesday - 07/06/2016

    On Wednesday 1st June 2016, VNU University of Science hold solemnly the conference to sum up the Advanced Program of the stage from 2006 to 2015, to assess the achieved results and to propose solutions and recommendations for sustainable development of the programs.

    Speaking at the opening, the Rector Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi emphasized that the VNU University of Science was tasked by the Ministry of Education and Training to implement 3 educational programs following the Advanced Program. The University has actively cooperated with US universities which have high rankings such as Chemistry in partnership with the University of Illinois at Urban and Champaign from the end of 2005; Mathematics in partnership with the University of Washington, Seattle from late 2007 and Environmental Sciences with the University of Indiana in Bloomington from 2009. Curriculums are built on the basis of the similar programs of partner universities including content, teaching methods, organization process and educational management. All courses are taught in English.

    In the final report of the Advanced Program for the period 2006 - 2015, Vice Rector- Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sc. Vu Hoang Linh cited that 10 educational courses including 5 courses of graduate students from the Advanced Program mostly meet the requirements of learners and employers such as companies, research institutes or universities. Students are assessed to be dynamic, proactive communication, good at professional knowledge and foreign language. The majority of students are satisfied with the Advanced Program and wish the program continued to be maintained and developed.

    The good educational quality of the Advanced Program resonates and contributes to improve the university's brand. Evaluation of some foreign professors shows that students from the Advanced Program are not inferior, even more intelligent and capable than their international students. The quality of the Advanced Program is one of the important factors for the bachelor's programs of the university to achieve good results in the AUN quality assurance. The Advanced Program also has positive impact on developing synchronization and modern facilities approaching the standards of advanced countries. The lectures also have the opportunity to improve their teaching skills and gradually to become an international lecturer.

    Assoc. Prof. Dr. Le Minh Ha – Dean of Faculty of Mathematics – Mechanics – Informatics is presenting at the Conference

    Representative of the Ministry of Education and Training – Mr. Nguyen Van Huu is speaking at the Conference

    Addressing at the conference, Vice Managing President of the Vietnam National University, Hanoi - Mr. Nguyen Kim Son appreciates the achievements of 3 Advanced Programs in Chemistry, Mathematics and Environmental Sciences of the VNU University of Science

    The Conference also received comments from professors from the University of Paris 13 and representatives of employers.