• Tuesday - 29/01/2019

    VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) hosted the "International Symposium on Molecular Cell Biology” at 19 Le Thanh Tong, Hanoi.

    Attending the Symposium were Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia - Vice Rector of VNU HUS; Prof. Harvey Lodish - Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Assoc. Prof. Le Nguyet Minh, Assoc. Prof. Ban Kiwon, Assoc. Prof. Yang Sungchil, Assoc. Prof. Terrence Lau - City University of Hong Kong; Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung - Vinmec Research Institute of Stem Cell and Genetic Technology as well as numerous local and international scientists. 

    The forum was served as an opportunity to share academic information and new achievements in molecular cell biology as well as to create opportunities for the expansion of research groups, and to promote communication and connection between scientists studying at universities and research institutes locally and abroad.

    Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia - Vice Rector of VNU-HUS deliveries his speech

    During his opening remarks, Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia - Vice Rector of VNU-HUS stressed that “Molecular Cell Biology (MCB) in brief is the study of cell at molecular level. Studying MCB enables to understand the structures and functions of the cell and mechanisms of the cell activities and development of diseases as well, and from this we can develop more efficient approaches to deal with diseases. . Molecular Cell Biology is a fundamental basis for the study of the life science, which makes this Symposium on MCB so important”.

    On behalf of the Rector Board of VNU-HUS, Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia gave his sincere thanks to Prof. Harvey Lodish for his contributions more than 10 years ago to VNU-HUS. Prof. Harvey Lodish helped the Faculty of Biology (VNU-HUS) and its staff to connect with Tufts University scientists in Massachusetts, USA, helping to set up an international program in Biology.

    Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia presents flowers and souvenirs to Prof. Harvey Lodish

    During the Symposium, Prof. Harvey Lodish and the translator introduced the Book of Molecular of Cell Biology series to readers. MCB is a world famous book in this field, written by Prof. Harvey Lodish and other renowned scientists in the United States. The original MCB has been translated into 11 languages so far.

    Prof. Dr. Phan Tuan Nghia presents flowers and souvenirs to Prof. Harvey Lodish and Book of Molecular of Cell Biology translation group

    Not only serving the specialized scientific world, MCB is also a textbook for undergraduate and graduate students: it contains concise and up-to-date information about the molecular level activity of cells.

    The book summarizes the essential knowledge of cell biology, genetics, genomics, biochemistry and developmental biology, and offers many illustrative examples in medicine, biotechnology and plant biology. The authors also provide detailed explanations of the methods and techniques scientists have used to discover such knowledge, providing readers with a better understanding of the technologies needed to delve into these new areas of research.

    Prof. Harvey Lodish signed a book for readers

    Prof. Harvey Lodish – the main author of MCB and an advisor for the book translation project is a founding member of the Whitehead Medical Biology Research Institute, and Professor of Biology and Biotechnology at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA. He is also a member of the National Academy of Sciences and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. He has served as president of the American Cell Biology Association, a founder and scientific advisor for Genzyme, Inc, Arris Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Inc, and Allozyne, Inc.

    The Symposium received the support of numerous lecturers and scientists from many universities and research institutes, with 6 scientific presentations from famous scientists in the field of molecular cell biology.

    Prof. Harvey Lodish presented the scientific topic: "Regulation of red cell production: Development of novel therapies for anemias"

    Assoc. Prof. Le Minh Nguyet presents the scientific topic: "A novel platform for gene-therapy based on red blood cell-derived extracellular vesicles for cancer treatments"

    Assoc. Prof. Ban Kiwon presented the scientific topic: "Development of a novel strategy for stem cell-based cardiac repair"

    Assoc. Yang Sungchil presented the scientific theme: "The mechanism and treatment of phantom pain implied by a seesaw model"

    Assoc. Terrence Lau presents a scientific topic: "Finding new antibiotics against drug resistant bacteria"

    Dr. Nguyen Xuan Hung presents the scientific topic: "Immune signatures and mechanism of Narcolepsy"