• Monday - 07/01/2019

    On January 3, 2019, representatives from VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) and a delegation from the Feng Chia University had a meeting at Campus 334 Nguyen Trai, Hanoi. The Feng Chia University delegation was led by Prof. Dr. Jin H.Huang, Vice Rector. VNU-HUS was represented by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Vu Hoang Linh, Vice Rector, who welcomed the delegation along with representatives of the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Informatics and the Office of International Relations.

    The delegation from Feng Chia University

    This is the fourth visit of this leading Taiwanese university to VNU-HUS. At the meeting, Prof. Dr. Jin H. Huang mentioned that "Feng Chia University has provided summer camp scholarships and fellowship scholarships to young students and lecturers of VNU-HUS. We are very pleased with the quality of students and PhD students of VNU-HUS”.

    Address by Vice Rector of Feng Chia University - Prof. Dr. Jin H. Huang

    In the recent years, Feng Chia University has awarded full scholarships to two young talented lecturers from the Faculty of Geography at VNU-HUS. Prof. Dr. Jin H. Huang emphasized: "The two lecturers from VNU-HUS are highly evaluated by their professors for both their qualification and capability at the strongest GIS Research Center in Taiwan." Lecturer Nguyen Xuan Linh won a full scholarship from Feng Chia University and was also recommended by his professor for a study in Japan as part of the exchange of international students. Lecturer Nguyen Quoc Huy received a scholarship from the Government of Taiwan.

    Feng Chia University has offered sponsorship to the two-week STEM summer camp to Dinh Minh Nguyet, a student in the Faculty of Biology of VNU-HUS.

    Assoc. Prof. Sc. Dr. Vu Hoang Linh talks at the meeting

    Assoc. Prof. Sc. Dr. Vu Hoang Linh expressed that the two universities should continue to promote cooperation through exchange programs for students and lecturers, joint scientific conferences and research. During this visit, the Feng Chia University delegation met groups of lecturers of the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics, and Informatics and the Faculty of Geography and discussed upcoming projects.

    Feng Chia University staff presents a new science and technology project at the Faculty of Mathematics - Mechanical - Informatics

    Delegation meets staff and students of the Faculty of Geography

    Young lecturer Nguyen Xuan Linh said “students who are seeking scholarships abroad should have good communication in English, solid knowledge and professional background – these factors will help them succeed”

    At the primary GIS Research Center in Taiwan (with more than 250 personnel), Nguyen Xuan Linh has consistently challenged himself to work hard to obtain more trust from his professors, in order to be assigned more projects. Through a year of hard work, he has gained a lot of practical experience and knowledge.  His professor sent him to Japan to study at the AIST Center for Artificial Intelligence Research as an expert representing Taiwan. AIST, the Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute, is known as one of the largest research organizations in Japan and has more than 2,000 researchers.

    Delegation from the two Universities take joint photos

    Feng Chia University was established in 1961 in Taichung, Taiwan. Each year, Feng Chia University trains more than 21,000 new students and graduate students within 10 schools, 32 faculties and 15 research facilities. More than 150,000 graduates work for government and private businesses, contributing greatly to the miraculous development economy in Taiwan.

    Over 50 years of development, Feng Chia University has become one of the most famous universities in Taichung and is the choice of many international students. In the 2017-2018 academic year, the University had 1,572 international students.