• Monday - 10/12/2018

    On December 6, 2018, VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) welcomed a delegation from the Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (JAIST) led by Prof. Dr. Tetsuo Asano, the President of JAIST. VNU-HUS was represented by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi, Rector and Dean of the Faculty of Physics, Faculty of Chemistry and Head of the Administration and International Relations Office.

    At the meeting, representatives of JAIST introduced the full scholarship program to Japan to VNU-HUS students. The program offers scholarships from Japanese companies that include all tuition fees, basic living expenses and travel expenses to Japan to allow students to complete a two year for master’s degree at JAIST. In exchange, the students work at the companies after obtaining their master’s degree. Japanese companies and JAIST have developed this program to recruit excellent Vietnamese students.

    JAIST Representative presents the details of the scholarship program to the JAIST Alumni who are lecturers at the Faculties of VNU-HUS

    The program was highly anticipated and well received by faculty and staff who were previously students at JAIST.

    Rector of VNU-HUS - Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi speak at the meeting

    Representative of VNU-HUS, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Van Noi gave thanks for the scholarship information that JAIST provided to the VNU-HUS students. It is anticipated that the scholarship program will attract more students to register in the future. He affirmed his support for the cooperation between the two parties in the field of basic sciences, through research, training and scientific seminars by scientists and lecturers. He said that this is a practical platform, contributing to promoting cooperation in the future.

    President of JAIST - Mr. Tetsuo Asano

    On behalf of JAIST, President Tetsuo Asano expressed his wish for successful cooperation to continue to expand opportunities in many fields and to deliver many achievements in scientific research.

    JAIST is a leading Japanese graduate training and research institute, and is well-known internationally. The Institute was established in 1990 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa, Japan, following the American model. JAIST has contributed 25 years of continuous development to the world of science and technology research, having granted more than 1,200 PhDs and 6,000 master’s degrees, including hundreds to Vietnamese nationals.