• Wednesday - 31/10/2018

    VNU University of Science (VNU-HUS) will undergo assessment of the education quality of the Bachelor program in Chemical Engineering Technology and Environmental Engineering programs according to the ASEAN University Network (AUN) QA standards.

    VNU University of Science is the first university in Southeast Asia to be recognized and accredited by AUN-QA.

    During this external evaluation, AUN-QA specialists will conduct in-depth interviews with stakeholders related to the accredited training program including faculty and department leaders, scientific staff (lecturers and researchers), support staff, students, alumni and recruiters in order  to obtain objective and multi-dimensional information for evaluation.

    To prepare for the evaluation, VNU-HUS conducted an internal review of the training program in July 2018 and verified the preparation of documentation and facilities on October 23, 2018.

    VNU University of Science conducts an internal assessment of the curriculum and examines the preparation of documentation and facilities before evaluation.

    VNU-HUS strives to achieve accreditation for 100% of undergraduate degree programs by 2020. The University has selected the accreditation using the AUN-QA standard because of the many strengths and advantages that they offer. The AUN-QA standard is a comprehensive assessment of the unit's performance and training program, based on the self-assessment report of the unit and its training program, evidence records, field surveys and interviews with stakeholders. The AUN-QA standards will help assure the quality of the unit and training program, which will open up opportunities for cooperation in training and research for staff and students with universities in the region and around the world. A favorable pathway will be created for students of VNU-HUS to study or exchange with universities in the region, thereby promoting cooperation and building communities in the ASEAN region.

    VNU-HUS and its Faculties have had experience in implementing quality accreditation and training programs in accordance with AUN-QA standards. Between 2012 and 2017, 8 VNU-HUS programs have been assessed and recognized as meeting AUN-QA quality assessment standards. The accredited programs are the Bachelor programs in Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, Geology, Environmental Science, Natural Geography and Meteorology. In 2017, VNU-HUS was the first university in Southeast Asia to be recognized and accredited by the AUN-QA.

    The internal evaluation of the training program, as well as the preparation of documentation and facilities have been carefully undertaken

    VNU-HUS strives to be the leading research university in Asia by 2035, through the mission of research and training in quality, fostering talents, researching, developing and transferring knowledge in the field of natural sciences. The recognition by AUN-QA of both VNU-HUS as an accredited educational institution and the training programs offered by VNU-HUS as accredited courses comprehensively and objectively demonstrates the quality of education, research and services at the University. It also assesses the effectiveness of the internal quality assurance system of the University in accordance with AUN standards. The recommendations of the External Review Teams will be the basis for the University and its Faculties to carry out post-test quality improvement activities. Ensuring ongoing focus on continuous improvements will contribute to the strengthening of the reputation of the University in the country, the region and the world and maintaining the University’s position as the leading education and research institution in the country as recognized by the AUN-QA.